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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Moving towards the Vision of restoring Nyungkalwarra to Country

The vision of a future in which Nyungalwarra (Nyungkal people) are in charge, living and working on country .. being a vision shared by Marilyn Wallace, Bana Yarralji, and Nyunkalwarra more generally .. all moved a step closer this week!!

A long long time ago, it seems (back in the late 1980's & early 1990's) the Tropical Far North Queensland Institute of Technical and Further Education (FNQ TAFE) seemed to be leading the way in Queensland developing a Conservation and Land Management course especially tailored to the needs of the Aboriginal peoples of Far North Queensland.

Marilyn and Peter Wallace, had themselves previously had a very positive and empowering experience obtaining Certificate IV Conservation and Land Management (CALM) training and qualifications through the FNQ TAFE, and, earlier this year, in the pursuit of their Vision:

i.   they expressed wish to Gary Clark at FNQ TAFE to see the same FNQ TAFE training opportuntiy made available to other Nyungkalwarra and Eastern Yanji people;

ii.  they expressed the wish, and by some very good fortune, Gary and the FNQ TAFE were able to grant that wish!

Starting this week a group of almost 20 Nyungkalwarra and other Bama (local Aboriginal) students all met up on Nyungkal country, at Jirrandaku (aka Home Rule), to commence Conservation and Land Management training on country.

Marilyn Wallace and Bana Yarralji were only too pleased to have brought this opportunity to happen, and they were only too happy to be the hosts, starting first up, on the Tuesday morning, with the ironwood leaves and paperbark being collected, fire lit, called out to the old people, and all the students, 2 teachers, and visitors being smoked and welcomed, with all the best hopes and wishes as they embark on a journey into the future?!

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