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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Forming a Genuine Business Development Partnership

Kuku Nyungkal country and Bana Yarralji's enterprise falls within Cape York Peninsula, for which a array of Cape York regional level organisations have been formed by Aboriginal peoples of Cape York to progress Aboriginal interests and aspirations.

Cape York regional organisations include Cape York Land Council, Cape York Institute, Cape York Corporation, Cape York Digital Networks, Cape York Health Council (Apunipima), Cape York Partnerships (Jawun) and more.   The Cape York regional organisation most significant to realising Bana Yarralji's hopes of establishing a successful, reliable cultural enterprise, has turned out to be Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation Pty Ltd.

In trying to record various steps being taken by Marilyn Wallace and Peter Wallace, plus the efforts being made by Bana Yarralji to launch a successful, reliable cultural enterprise  ..  Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation has recently drafted a template partnership agreement and Bana Yarralji has launched into the prospect of a partnership agreement sufficient to support thier cultural enterprise with full gusto.

Below are some photos taken from the Balkanu conference room, orginally taken closer towards the beginning of discussions with Balkanu's Caring for Country Business Unit new manager (Chris Hannocks), leading ultimately to meetings involving the funding body, senior Balkanu staff, and Caring for Country staff, with Marilyn in particular striving hard to push for and secure the maximum level of support possible from Balkanu to see Bana Yarralji realise their vision, stay in control, and most effectively launch their enterprise (against the odds?)

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