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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Towards Sustainability => Mikes Magic Doughnut

Bana Yarralji managed to obtain the absolutely invaluable assistance of the Cape York Institute to assist review all of their dreams and visions variously documented over more than 10 years, and so point them down the optimum path to realizing those dreams and visions.

Bana Yarralji started off with a sustainabilty compass (courtesy of Andre Grant from the Centre for Appropriate Technology) wildly spinning from N - nature past W - wellbeing through S - society/culture .. into E economy etc:

Now, following the Cape York Institute Review, Bana Yarralji has ended up with Mike's Magic Doughnut, within the core of which Bana Yarralji's future is believed to lie, as a 'host' to whole range of paying invitee's and visitors offering up a place for cultural experiences, wellbeing experiences, nature experiences, with economic divedends being ploughed back into realizing Bana Yarralji's vision to see Nyungkal lore restored, and Nyungkal people living and working on country.

For Bana Yarralji's cultural enterprise endeavour, then, Friday 29 July was a significant day, as it is the day that Mike's Magic Doughnut was explained to Marilyn and Peter Wallace's family and friends, and the decision was made to form the Bana Yarralji enterprise as a special kind of hosting service operating from country, creating paying partnerships and offering a country based cultural hosting services to begin generating income to pay to make Bana Yarralji's dreams and visions come real.

This, then, is to be the essence of the emerging cultural enterprise, and below are two photos, one of Mike Winer and Helen Murphy (authors of the Bana Yarralji sustainability plan), and one of Peter and Marilyn considering the advice and direction obtained.

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